The Gospel: How to be Saved that is to be Born Again as Jesus proclaimed! Contrary to popular belief, being a good person does NOT get you INTO Heaven and being a bad person does NOT mean you automatically go to Hell! Also, a persons Soul and Spirit do not hang around like some people believe. When you die, your … Click Here to Read More

UN-Answered Prayer

Do you have UN-Answered Prayer? Why? Everyone of us at one time or another have asked the question why did God not answer my prayer. There are many reasons listed in the Bible as to why he does not answer and if we read, absorb and apply what the Bible says, then we should have answered prayer. But here is … Click Here to Read More

What is Warfare Prayer?

To enter into battle against Satan, YOU MUST realize that it is the power of God that defeats Satan and NOT YOU! When you Pray, and it is in God’s will, that moves God to have the Holy Spirit move in a situation, to loosen the stronghold and break the bondage that Satan has on the individual. 2nd Corinthians 4:3-5 … Click Here to Read More

Hey Folks I have NOT made a deal with the devil to leave me alone like most of the Limp Wristed Faux preachers have!!

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